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Here at the JLG, Joseph strives to give the best customer service and is here to help you find your next dream home. He will accomplish your expectations are met.

When he says "Selling Homes with Elegance," he wants to give his clients the respect and professionalism that they deserve. You can expect to be treated with class and professionalism when working with him.


Art Hernandez continued success in real estate as a testament to his perseverance. He saw the benefits of potential investments, and soon after that he bought his first house and sold after renovations. Art believed in the power of both homeownership and entrepreneurship.

“My job is to sell the American dream home by utilizing my knowledge of the market trends and my past sales performance in local areas. My background made me a team leader, and to communicate with first-time homeowners, investors, and sellers on market patterns.”

For anyone looking to sell or buy real estate property, Art advises that they get the right answers and always keep asking questions.


In the past 10 years, Brenda worked with over 200+ clients. Her business is based on 92% referrals, and it shows that her clients rave about their excellent experience. Brenda is a full-time licensed realtor, short sale certified, transaction coordinator certified, active notary public, and a landlord. She believes in doing her best and helps people achieving their American dream home.

"I never knew how much buying a home mattered until I purchased my first home. After I sold it, I purchased two more and did this consistently throughout my career. Now, I taught my friends, family, and clients on how purchasing a home can advance you financially and prepare for your early retirement. I valued what I learn and want to advise everyone to look into real estate. There are enough houses to go around and it’s not easy, but it is possible."


Rudy is a licensed real estate agent and demonstrates his great qualities through his results. Rudy exceeds his clients' expectations by demonstrating his knowledge, professionalism, and attentiveness in the real estate industry. He worked with over 50+ clients. If it is either buying or selling, Rudy achieved his clients' goals of homeownership and providing them the necessary steps to achieving their dream home.

"I take the utmost pride in providing a customer experience that will go beyond their expectations. Potential clients should look for me to represent them because you will not just be treated like another 'sale/customer' but instead I like to build relationships and develop a lasting relationship in the process."


Mario Ramirez is a Marketing Analyst at the Joint Luxury Group. He oversees all social media accounts, content creation, and implements marketing strategies. Mario has a B.A. in Anthropology, with an emphasis of sociocultural, from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

With five years of marketing experience, Mario is passionate about how marketing and digital marketing strategies influence the success of a business. Since his undergraduate at UCLA, Mario has worked with various marketing firms and nonprofits. From developing live events and philanthropy programs, Mario furthers his leadership skills and roles to accomplish each project with little guidance.

"Regardless of what type of industry you work for, marketing will make or break your business. Without it, we would not have brands that we know and loved for generations. As new digital marketing strategies arise, this shows that there is always new skills and methods to learn."

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