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5 Holiday Party Ideas

Brenda Ramirez

In the past 10 years, Brenda worked with over 200+ clients...

In the past 10 years, Brenda worked with over 200+ clients...

Dec 20 2 minutes read

Here are 5 entertainment ideas to make your holiday party a hit:

1. Organize a gift exchange 🎁

Have everyone sit together and pass around gifts. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out a white elephant gift exchange. If you plan on buying a large number of gifts for all your guests, here are some tips to help you save for holiday shopping.

2. Host an ugly sweater contest 🎄

A holiday party is a perfect time to reach into the back of your closet for those old, ugly sweaters. Tell guests in advance about the contest, and have a small gift or goodie for the worst dressed!

3. Create a photo booth 📸

Set up a simple area with holiday props for guests to take pictures with. If you don’t want to limit the fun to one spot, you could even place instant cameras around the house to encourage guests to take pictures throughout the party.

4. Cookie decorating station 🍪

If you’re expecting children at your holiday party, a cookie decorating station is a sure-fire hit. All you need for this delicious activity are plain sugar cookies, frosting, candy, gumdrops, sprinkles, and chocolate chips.

5. Set the holiday mood 🎶

Don’t forget to set a merry ambiance suited for the holiday season. Customize a playlist with holiday tunes, or stream an instrumental holiday station. You can even play a classic holiday movie on silent in the background with a projector or TV.

Some other mood-setting ideas:

  • Hang vintage ornaments like mini chandeliers
  • String holiday lights around the house
  • Get flickering LED candles to add a feeling of warmth
  • Place festive blankets and pillows on furniture
  • Decorate with special objects that remind you and your family of the holiday season

For some fun holiday and more tips for throwing a merry holiday party, visit the JLG website for more ideas.

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