Brenda Ramirez
(909) 450-1734

In the past 10 years, Brenda worked with over 200+ clients. Her business is based on 92% referrals, and it shows that her clients rave about their excellent experience. Brenda is a full-time licensed realtor, short sale certified, transaction coordinator certified, active notary public, and a landlord. She believes in doing her best and helps people achieving their American dream home.

"I never knew how much buying a home mattered until I purchased my first home. After I sold it, I purchased two more and did this consistently throughout my career. Now, I taught my friends, family, and clients on how purchasing a home can advance you financially and prepare for your early retirement. I valued what I learn and want to advise everyone to look into real estate. There are enough houses to go around and it’s not easy, but it is possible."

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